Central Motors & Equipment’s Bosch Car Service Network

Everywhere in the UAE, drivers benefit from the first class service, expert know how and ex-works quality automotive spare parts from CM&E Bosch. Whether you need a repair, seasonal maintenance or travel check-up, your vehicle – whatever brand it may be – will be in the very best hands. From mechanics to electrics and diesel technology – our professionals are experts and work with state of the art testing technology.

CM&E Bosch have a network of independent workshops in the UAE – Bosch Car Service – that offer consumers an alternative choice in the market place for bumper-to-bumper servicing and diagnostic repairs. All Bosch Car Service agents adhere to strict quality standards set by Bosch and are audited on an annual basis to ensure quality servicing every time.

As a leader in diesel systems technology, CM&E Bosch has also recognized the importance of offering specialist servicing for diesel powered vehicles. In response to both the increased demand for diesels and the increased complexity of the technology employed in modern-day diesels, CM&E Bosch has developed Bosch Diesel Service.

CM&E Bosch Diesel Service Centre’s are capable of testing and repairing both the older diesel systems and the latest diesel injection systems – including common rail and unit injectors. Bosch Diesel Service, while also a specialist in the diesel field, are equipped to work on ‘older’ diesel systems developed more than five years ago.

Many people think that the easiest place to go is the nearest manufacturer’s dealership. CM&E Bosch Car Service workshops are a real alternative, offering quality, affordable servicing, and fitting manufacturer quality parts.

The headache of finding a good workshop is removed with the national network of CM&E Bosch Car Service workshops:

  • Use the workshop locator to find the workshop nearest to you.
  • Have the peace of mind that all CM&E Bosch workshops employ experienced, qualified technicians with the right diagnostic equipment to find and correct faults, cost-effectively.  
  • A ‘cheap’ workshop is not a guarantee of value for money in the long run. They often keep their prices down by fitting cheap parts, which may wear out or fail sooner. At CM&E Bosch Car Services, the Bosch parts fitted are made to the same specification as those that we make for car manufacturers.
  • Modern cars are highly sophisticated and a significant proportion of the manufacturing costs go into the electronics and computers. As CM&E Bosch Car Service workshops all have up to date diagnostic equipment, they will be able to diagnose any faults quickly and accurately, getting it right the first time.
  • All CM&E Bosch Car Service workshops are established, independent workshops that we audit annually to ensure that they continue to meet the high standards that we expect.

Customer service is very important to us. We expect the workshops to give you an accurate estimate for any work that is to be carried out and then keep you informed in advance of any additional work that may need to be done, as well as its cost, so there are no surprises when you get the bill.

Central Motors & Equipment’s Bosch Car Service network spans the UAE, with centres in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Enabling more accurate, efficient, and safe identification of potential mechanical issues, Bosch test equipment and technology delivers reliable diagnostics that also recommend the appropriate measures to correct any fault.

From simple battery testing to comprehensive vehicle diagnostics systems, our Bosch Car Service network is invaluable for vehicle owners and other automotive service and repair workshops.

Customers choose our Bosch Car Service for:

  • A UAE network of garages servicing all vehicle makes and models
  • First-class service at competitive prices
  • Bosch technicians trained in the latest technologies
  • Up-to-date diagnostic equipment that identifies faults quickly and accurately
  • Replacement parts of the same quality as the original
  • A real commitment to customer care

Services we offer:

  • Brake Service
  • Battery & Charging Service
  • Diagnosis and Electric Service
  • Engine Check and Service
  • Oil Service and Maintenance
  • Cooling System Service
  • Suspension and Steering Service
  • Tyre Service and Balancing
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Electronic Fuel Injection Service
  • Mechanical Repairs and Inspection
  • Periodic Maintenance

Bosch Diesel Services Network

Whether you are a vehicle owner, fleet manager, corporate customer or workshop owner, Central Motors & Equipment Bosch Diesel Service network across the UAE delivers reliable, affordable and efficient solutions for any diesel vehicle.

With services ranging from diagnosing and testing all diesel systems, maintenance to the manufacturer’s specifications, and overhaul, repair and calibration, our skilled technicians will ensure your vehicle is back on the road in no time.

Bosch Optimum Diesel Partner

In order to meet advances in automotive technology and an increased demand for delivery of a complete range of services, we are proud to collaborate with Bosch as an Optimum Diesel Partner for the UAE.

Through its Central Motors & Equipment Optimum Diesel Partner network, Bosch ensures customers have greater access to its expertise in diesel services and technology. In addition, Bosch delivers on-site training of Central Motors & Equipment’s technical teams, and provides each workshop with original products and high quality equipment.

Bosch Power Tools Service Network

Through Central Motors & Equipment Bosch Power Tools service network, Bosch ensures its customers to have better reach to its professional products and services.

Central Motors & Equipment Bosch Car Service network numbers and centres are located at:

Bosch Car Service – Bosch Diesel Service – Dubai
Address: No.17, 14b Street Al Quoz Industrial Area 1 – 364, Hadaeq Mohammed Bin Rashid, Dubai 
Tel: +971 4 309 0900
Bosch Car Service – Embassy
Address: ADNOC – Embassy Station, Corner of Shk. Rashid Bin Saeed and Rabdan Street AbuDhabi 
Tel: +971 2 449 8060
Bosch Car Service – Bateen
Address: No.1, Al Ghadeer Street Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi Municipality, AbuDhabi 
Tel: +971 2 681 9101