Wide Range of Bosch Power Tools in UAE

One of the most trusted names in the industry, Bosch power tools are renowned for their quality and durability. From superior concrete and woodworking tools to innovative cordless technology, every Bosch power tool is built to the highest performance standards. At Central Motors & Equipment we have every tool for any job you will ever need to do.

Blue Power Tools

Engineered for excellence, professional blue power tools from Bosch always keep you one step ahead with the highest standards of speed, precision and performance. Designed for optimal handling and efficiency, each power tool is as robust as it is reliable and handles even the toughest jobs.

Green Power Tools (DIY)

Renowned for their quality, durability and precision, Bosch’s range of power tools are easy to use and ensure you complete every project quickly and hassle free.Whether you’re renovating, building your own furniture or looking to make alterations to your home, Bosch’s range of green power tools will stimulate your creativity. Designed for DIY enthusiasts, the tools’ ease of handling ensure you complete the job quickly and hassle free.

Power Tool Accessories

With a product range of over 8,000 different items, Bosch power tool accessories are ideal for all applications and brands of power tools. From replacement blades to new drill bits, screwdrivers, chisels or sanders, Central Motors & Equipment’s inventory ensures you always have access to the right accessories for your power tools.

  • Screwdriver bits
  • Chisels and Sanding Accessories



IXO Cordless Screwdriver

Create unforgettable DIY moments with the IXO cordless screwdriver from Bosch. Small, lightweight, and compact, the IXO is the ideal, versatile tool for your day-to-day DIY projects.

Bosch Multi-Functional Tools

With a range of solutions for sawing, cutting, routing and sanding, Bosch multi-function tools are perfect for countless applications around the home. For projects in- or outdoors, they are invaluable DIY companions for getting jobs done quickly and easily.

Bosch Paint Systems

Why use paint brushes when you can spray!? Bosch paint and fine spray systems can be used for multiple applications inside and out- and are ideal for DIY-ers with little previous experience of spraying.

Power Tools for Professionals

The highest standards of speed, precision and performance are engineered into every blue power tool from Bosch – the choice of the professionals.

Bosch Cordless Tools

Strong and light but able to deliver durability and superior performance, Bosch cordless tools can be found in the tool boxes of DIY professionals and craftsmen around the world. With the benefit of advanced battery technology, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality, versatile and dependable tool at great value.

Drills and Impact Drills

Powerful enough to handle to toughest jobs, Bosch drills come with a durable chuck and deliver high torque, compact design and ease of handling.

Bosch impact drills are for professionals who need precision, versatility and power. With their ergonomic slim line design and reliability, they thrive on the most demanding of projects and applications.

Drywall Screwdrivers and Impact Wrenches

Robust, precise and quick screw driving capability for all types of drywall, Bosch’s drywall screwdrivers range delivers exceptional comfort during use with any application.

Bosch impact wrenches possess the power, strength and maneuverability for even the toughest jobs. Complete with an ergonomic grip for extended comfort during use, many Bosch impact wrenches are the best in their class.

Rotary Hammers and Demolition Hammers

Developed to tackle a variety of drilling jobs involving concrete, stone, and steel, Bosch rotary hammers have raised the bar when it comes to performance and durability.

Bosch demolition hammers suit any situation and offer quality, power and performance. With variable speed control, constant hard-hitting impact and padded handle, they are a must-have for professionals.

Diamond Technology

Whether working with drilling wet or dry materials, marble or cutting concrete and stone, Bosch diamond technology has a range of drills, grinders, wall chasers and marble saws to see your project through to completion.

Angle Grinders and Metalworking

Equipped with powerful motors and impeccable, lightweight handling, Bosch angle grinders and metalworking tools are invaluable when the job demands surface finishing and cutting the toughest materials.


Never compromising on precision whatever the material, Bosch routers enable exact groove, edge and copy routing through to bench top work. With high-torque motor and integrated dust extraction, you can be confident your job is in safe hands.


Whether metal or wood, Bosch saws deliver precise rip, mitre cuts, tight curves and powerful cutting length. With their ergonomic, balanced design, soft-grip handles and die-cast magnesium footplates, our range of Bosch saws provide comfort, control and accuracy when you need it most.

Measuring Tools

Bosch laser measuring tools offer outstanding precision by combining the accuracy of laser with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology. Guaranteeing accurate results for a variety of applications including leveling, distance, angles and inclines, Bosch laser measuring tools are also robust and easy to use.

Sanders and Planers

Our range of Bosch sanders and planers ensures that regardless of the size of surface, accessibility or type of finish required, you deliver professional results every time. Bosch sanders ensure easy sandpaper installation, uniform sanding and dust capture, whilst Bosch planers have the capacity to remove even the deepest cuts.


Perfect trimming, adjusting and repairing are hallmarks of Bosch multi-cutter power tools. With magnetic interfaces for easy tool changes, ergonomic low-vibration design and fast work progress, Bosch’s comprehensive range of accessories offers you an endless range of applications.


Bosch tile cutters and lasers ensure tiling floors and walls has never been easier. Effortlessly measure, score, and cut tiles of any size, angle and material with precision.

Dust Extraction Systems

Easy to handle, convenient to operate with powerful functionality, Bosch wet and dry extraction systems ensure your workspace is kept clean before starting the next phase of your job. Less dust means you can work faster and more accurately, are not exposed to potentially harmful particles and have a clear view of your working area.

Heat & Glue Guns

Stripping paint and varnish from any number of surfaces can be tough work, but not for Bosch’s range of heat guns. With their continuously variable temperature control and removable heat shield, they deliver precise work, even in the tightest of spaces.

Emergency repairs to wood, textiles, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, leather and more, Bosch glue guns quickly come to the rescue. Perfect for sealing and jointing, their design ensures clean working and stable adhesive bonding with electronically controlled heating elements and no dripping.

Cordless Nailers

Designed for skirting boards, cover strips, and floorboards, Bosch cordless nailers are an invaluable too for professional joiners and floorers. Long run times are achieved through premium lithium-ion batteries, while precision is guaranteed due to an adjustable nail impact depth setting, every job is completed quickly and neatly.

Garden Tools

Whether it’s cutting, trimming, shredding, watering, sawing, or cleaning, Bosch has a marketing leading garden tool to make your life easier.

Cordless Garden Tools

No more dangling cables or fuel refuels to worry about. With Bosch cordless garden tools you get the same performance levels as a petrol- or electricity-powered tool, but with noise reduction and none of the inconvenience.

Lawn Care

Enjoy effortless handling with Bosch’s range of cordless and electric lawn care tools. Extremely fast charging, powerful, always ready to use and delivering outstanding cutting performance and debris collection due, your lawn will always achieve the perfect finish.


Bosch hedgecutters make keeping your hedges, bushes and trees easy. Lightweight, ergonomically balanced and offering freedom of movement with a variety of cordless options, your Bosch hedgecutter will keep your greenery perfectly manicured.


Depending on your garden size, frequency of use and type of foliage, Bosch has a range of shredders for every type of garden material. Choose between rapid shredders – with their fast feed hopper for rapid material throughput for green and soft garden materials, or quiet shredders that have automatic feed and produce low noise levels.


Bosch chainsaws are available in electric and cordless options, and all are equipped with a premium performance motor and high torque. With a market leading chainsaw in your hands, you have all the power you need to cope with any task in your garden.

High-Pressure Washers

Exceptionally powerful motors, robust metal pumps, a wealth of integrated features and an extensive range of system accessories. Bosch high-pressure washers are perfect for cleaning courtyards, driveways and patios, as well as cars, garden furniture and bikes.

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