Bosch Automotive in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & UAE

Central Motors & Equipment provides one of the most comprehensive selections of Bosch automotive products and solutions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates.

With more than a century as a global leader in automotive technology, Bosch’s automotive replacement parts, test equipment and accessories assure you of the highest quality of reliability and an enhanced driving experience.

Available for practically any vehicle type on the UAE’s roads today, Bosch autoparts deliver high performance, precision and the reassurance you only receive from the world’s leading supplier of automotive parts and systems in the automotive aftermarket.

Drive Belts

Despite having to handle substantial mechanical, chemical and thermal loads, Bosch drive belts guarantee top performance with unbeatable safety, reliability and economical operation.

Bosch drive belts ensure quiet running and deliver synchronous power transmission over its entire service life. To maintain the high performance level and reliability, drive belts and components should be replaced at recommended intervals by professionals – such as the team at Central Motors & Equipment.

Spark Plugs

One of the most important components for vehicles with gasoline engines, Bosch spark plugs are designed with cutting-edge technology to deliver optimal engine performance and a longer life.

The first choice for vehicle manufacturers, automotive technicians and motoring enthusiasts, Bosch spark plugs meet the specific requirements of any make and model of automobile. They ensure reliable starting and smooth engine operation, with the added advantages of low-pollutant ignition, effective corrosion protection and thread seizure.

Lambda Sensors

In 1976, Bosch was the first to introduce lambda sensors on to the market and provide injection systems with appreciative fuel consumption savings. A correctly functioning lambda sensor enables reliable engine operation, together with fuel economy and low emissions.

Bosch lambda sensors help ensure the catalytic converter can thoroughly clean exhaust gases. They are always workshop ready for immediate installation and provide long service life, excellent operation, and optimum engine compatibility, and are available for most vehicle types.

Park Pilot

For cars not fitted with parking sensors as standard, Bosch has the solution: Park Pilot. Available for both the rear and front of a vehicle, it aids parking and can be installed in almost any make and model.

Bosch Park Pilot warns the driver on the distance between vehicles with audio signals and a strip of LED lights. The system can be fitted to practically any bumper and installation can be completed quickly and easily at our workshop.

Ignition Systems

In 1902, Bosch delivered the world’s first high-voltage ignition system, and since then has been renowned for their premium quality ignition parts.  Bosch’s array of ignition circuits and ignition coils are built to achieve or exceed OE specifications, provide excellent mechanical stability and corrosion protection, and are known industry-wide for their reliability and performance.

Batteries Supplier

For more than 85 years, Bosch has continuously revolutionized the development of batteries for the automotive industry. Through innovation synonymous with the brand, Bosch has created a battery for every need, such as the Hightec AGM battery for enhanced start-stop technology. With a Bosch battery, you can be sure of reliable starting power to meet the increasing energy demand of your vehicle.