Central Motors & Equipment Scoops Best Public Awareness Campaign Award

March 15, 2017

The Michelin Summer Safety Campaign carried out by Central Motors & Equipment (CM&E) has scooped the Best Public Awareness Campaign Award at the 5th edition of Qatar Transport Safety Forum.

Held from 24 July until 22 September 2016, the 60-day awareness campaign included complementary tyre check-ups in public areas. Taking place at Alfahim Group headquarters for employees and Abu Dhabi Fruits and Vegetables Market for the general public, the campaign drew the participation of more than 200 motorists and members of the general public. The campaign highlighted the hazards of using faulty and poor-quality tires that pose an increased risk to their lives in the heat of summer months.  

Ismaeel Hassen, General Manager of CM&E, said, “We are excited to partner with the government and like-minded companies to promote tyre safety in the capital. We have built a legacy of on the road and pedestrian safety with the Abu Dhabi Police Department for many years through our parent company Alfahim Group, and will continue to work collaboratively with the private and public sectors to ensure sustainable impact within the community as a whole.”

Oussama Jlailati, the National Sales Manager of Michelin, said: “As a committed world leader in road safety, it is a top priority for Michelin Tyres to encourage safe driving behaviors among motorists and members of the general public. We seek to achieve this goal through conducting public awareness campaigns that highlight the importance of road safety and offer best advice on safe driving. Through this continued engagement with the general public, Michelin plays an active role worldwide in improving road safety and reducing accidents that are directly attributed to tire related issues.”

The awareness campaign included the distribution of CM&E Michelin Mobile Service VAN providing people with valuable information and tips on tyre safety, as well as encouraging them to conduct regular checks of their vehicle tires and distribution of gifts.

As a responsible automotive parts supplier, CM&E regularly hosts awareness drives as a proactive approach to promote improved driving safety, prevent road accidents and minimise the environmental impact. Due to the success of the CSR campaign, CM&E has decided to take this initiative to other public areas, for example, malls and hotels.